Our Philosophy

We at Chaitanya Vidyalaya, believe in building values beyond just education.

As an educational institution committed to providing an exceptional learning experience, we have implemented policies that prioritize our students’ well-being and personal development. Our non-competitive approach to learning is a cornerstone of these policies, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment without undue pressure on the developing minds. When students are not pitted against each other, they can focus on individual progress and growth, rather than feeling the pressure to outperform their peers. 

In line with our principle of creative learning in a stress-free environment, we do not have exams till Class 6. We encourage students to explore and develop their skills and fundamentals through practical experiences without the stress of exams in their formative years. Our senior school students from Class 7 onwards are ready with their fundamentals and we start preparing them for the formal examination system by starting to conduct exams thereon. The examination pattern is as prescribed by the ICSE board for Classes 7 to 10.

We also recognize the importance of promoting self-expression and individuality, which is why we have forgone enforcing a uniform policy. Our non-uniform policy allows students to develop their sense of dressing while maintaining a respectful and appropriate appearance in school. We encourage students to dress appropriately for school, with guidelines in place to ensure that clothing choices are not disruptive to the learning environment.

These policies create a truly unique educational experience that values each student as an individual, encouraging both academic excellence and personal growth. We take pride in offering an enriching education to our students and remain committed to continually improving our policies to ensure the best possible wholesome experience for them.