Class Activities

grade 7

on 16 December 2016

Class 7

Activities of the month of: AUGUST

Students performing a dance on Independence Day 


Chemistry Bulletin Boards by class 7


grade 5

on 09 September 2016


A short Skit 'The Grammar Family" by class 5 V. The skit was on importance of grammar in English language.

Telugu song by class 5 V & C on Teachers Day celebration.


Music assembly by class 5C  



grade 2

on 18 August 2016




Class 2c and v excited to go on a field trip









grade 6

on 10 August 2016



Grade 6 – October act

Onam is a festival of Kerala.  As part of the class activity, students made Pookallam (flower carpet).   It is similar to Rangoli which is made of powders of various colours but the only difference is instead of coloured powder, here we use different flowers. 

Children enjoyed the activity thoroughly.








grade 10

on 09 August 2016



Students staged a wonderful play on Teacher’s Day.







Grade 9

on 09 August 2016

Activity for  September - Class 9

Students do a dance on Teachers Day





grade 8

on 09 August 2016


CLASS    8 

Activity for the Month of JUNE



The children who participated in poetry recitation.

grade 4

on 09 August 2016


CLASS    4